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Importing Excel data into ArcMap

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This video shows how to import and plot tabular data from an excel spreadsheet in ArcMap using display x/y data feature
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habtamu worke (4 months ago)
I have collected topo data by total station but the data can not fit the exact corners of buildings, points are far apart/shifted. how can i take correction on these data???? please help me. Email me pleasssssssssssssssssss
CarolAnne2222 (2 years ago)
Darn. My coordinates aren't plotting correctly.
Taiisha DeVonish (2 years ago)
Thanks so much!
Mohammed Kabiru (2 years ago)
Thanks very useful!
Joe Mulligan (3 years ago)
Kevin Dolan (4 years ago)
You are the man!
Liviu Lungu (4 years ago)
How can I view the "Contents | Preview | Description" pane?
Randy Spear (4 years ago)
Can this only be done with point data? I have a pressure pipe system in excel. I'm trying to find a way to bring the pipe data in too.
James Owers (5 years ago)
Very helpful, thank you :)

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