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Baba Ramdev says Patanjali's ripped jeans are more sanskari than Zara's

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Baba Ramdev inaugrated Patanjali's apparel store, Patanjali Paridhan in New Delhi Monday. Ramdev claimed that products available in the store are cheaper than the foreign brands. ThePrint's Shahbaz Ansar interviewed Yoga guru on the inaugural day. Ramdev also claimed that Patanjali's jeans is as cheap as 500 rupees. SUBSCRIBE to ThePrint : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToThePrint Our partners: * Presented by: IIFL * Powered by: K Raheja * Airline Partner: Jet Airways * In Alliance with: Manthan * In Association with: Taj Krishna Hyderabad * In Association with: Ballantine's * Media Partner: NDTV LIKE ThePrint on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/theprintindia/ Follow ThePrint on Twitter : https://twitter.com/theprintindia Follow ThePrint on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/theprintindia/
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Text Comments (96)
kriss lopaz (4 days ago)
The print Is anti National
Mohammed Asifuddin (6 days ago)
Inn harami bhagwa hindu suvvar kay janay adamkhor musalman ka bedaa ghark kar rahay thay. Ab achaa lagta hai ki hinduoun kou ragad rahay hain.
Bedanta Kashyap (7 days ago)
Print is doing just print thing.
Sun Shine (8 days ago)
ramdev baba is giving employement to lakhs of poor people through such ventures,only an anti-poor racist will criticize him.
lalit das (8 days ago)
This dude who was conducting the interview was really really talented. He ROASTED Ramdev These 3 mins were better than a lots of stand-up comedies.
Mohd Arshad Chaudhary (9 days ago)
Or bhartiya sanskruti ka maapdand dekho kitne achhe trike se krte h baba ji... Hadd ho gyi yaar
Mohd Arshad Chaudhary (9 days ago)
Babaji sahi se jawab bhi nhi de pa rhe... Or ye kya baat hui k inhe pahan k hum sachhe hindustani bn jayenge??? Same wahi k agr bjp k sath ho toh deshbhakt, warna deshdrohi... Pta nhi hindustan ko kis disha me le ja rhe h
Karan Khatri (9 days ago)
khud nanga badan ghuoomta hai aur dusro ko sanskar sikha raha hai baba
Ritik Gop (9 days ago)
Baba Ramdev ne agenda kb change kiya ??
Chini kam (10 days ago)
Agar mai zara me 2300 ka jeans le sakti hu to 2300 ki patanjali made in india leke i feel very good coz atlest india ka money india me hi rhe its best .. Ramdev is doing great job . I m proud of him
Chini kam (10 days ago)
Patanjali ne jo b kiya wo sahi kiya... Achha to hai yaha ka paisa yahi rahe
hemantmehndi (10 days ago)
Chutiya Indian generation will pay 10,000-20,000 for diesel but the minute one of their own makes something .... oh ji ... meri tatti laal hogayi. How come an Indian saadhu opened a shop? We are western wannabes .... humei chutiya banao, bhartiye nahi. Idiots
Ram Prasad (10 days ago)
Ramdev ne Sanskaari ke naam pe hamey 'phad' rahe hain! 😁 Jeans toh hai, langot bhi bech raha hain nah, Baba?
master blaster (11 days ago)
Hamara kutha kutha, unka kutha Tommy
Jakib Saikia (11 days ago)
The real Thug Of Hindustan.
Kaun Abraham (11 days ago)
Next line of product pantajali condoms
kriss lopaz (4 days ago)
Why does Muslims always hate Hindus..?
ritwik (11 days ago)
Totally biased journalism....He is doing a successful business.What's wrong about that !!Any business which is doing well in country that will help to grow indian economy....
SunRayBee (4 days ago)
+ritwik nope, see the interview where baba gets mad over this question you'll get it. He's a fraud. He doesn't pay even a bit.
ritwik (4 days ago)
SunRayBee who told you this???Rahul Gandhi...😂😂.Moron every well known company of India pay taxes.😂
SunRayBee (8 days ago)
He doesn't pay taxes, and any other Indian business has to pay taxes, that's the problem.
Raman Malhotra (11 days ago)
Anybody knows how many million $$ Ambanis/Adanis have donated to BJP?? Why PM is not revealing the names of all the industrialists who are at default to public and Parliament as given to PMO by Raghuram Rajan by the ex Governor of RBI in 2015?? Is PM Modi a dictator and no respect for the rule of law?? Modi is the least educated PM since independance and destroying the economy of India by his Jhumlas like demonetization etc. People of India are watching and he should be voted out for the interest of India?? Jhumlas of Ba ba??
Silver Lining (11 days ago)
Good going babaji
Vamshi Krishna (11 days ago)
If u wearing Patanjali jeans RAPE'S will be reduced
Vamshi Krishna (11 days ago)
HYPOCRISY at it's best...
Sayan Bakshi (11 days ago)
"Jeans phati hui hai lekin usme bhi Bhartiyata hai". 🤣🤣
Mridul Shrivastava (12 days ago)
Price of every product of this company is more or almost same which we can normally see and quality is something everyone guarantees but it depends when you use it.
Rajesh Narayana Rao (12 days ago)
Cant wait to get a patanjali smart phone that can be as good as a iPhone X or Galaxy Note 9. Also get into Drones and game console.
gurpreet bajaj (12 days ago)
Baba Ramdev ; capitalising on indians' national pride, and then ripping them off with sub-standard products. Wah kya business model hai!
gurpreet bajaj (11 days ago)
+Pseudo Prophet everything else I've tried has been sub-standard, so I know it's not even worth trying.
Pseudo Prophet (11 days ago)
How do you know it's substandard, you haven't even tried it yet. It's your hate talking.
Vikas Ahlawat (12 days ago)
This print dalal reporter is heart burning that how Baba can be so successful !!! His sole aim is pin down him. Ab isi ki jagah koi aur company Hoti toh this chutiya reporter would be asking very different questions
adarsh b h (12 days ago)
Absolutely. They have problem with anything about Baba, national pride, Indian
Rajneesh Paul (12 days ago)
He is just fooling public....stay away from patanjali milk powder ....causes oxidised cholestérol...also his badam pak is nothing but a box of 90%sugar...also his powrvita is just another name for sugar...put 5% jadi buti rest 95% junk...only foolish people can fall for this dhongi
hemantmehndi (10 days ago)
did you go to the lab and get it tested? Go and get it tested and post the results. Morons like you are still stuck in aunty mentality where one idiot makes up stuff and others start spreading it. Go get Coke, Pepsi banned ... idiot. Foreign companies are buying all indian companies and beating them with competitive pricing ... even Dabur isn't Indian anymore. and you pricks spread misinformation like anything.
Rajneesh Paul (12 days ago)
Ramdev is now pure businessman....look at the price of his jeans....
adarsh b h (12 days ago)
What is the problem with Baba becoming businessman. You prefer goondays to businessman?
PUSHKAR JI (12 days ago)
aap bhi vyapar kar lo
Gopal Purohit (12 days ago)
3:28 ni haaaiiiii.....🤣🤣
Sonu Mishra (12 days ago)
बाबा रामदेव साधु के भेष में शैतान का बाप है बाप का बाप
Sonu Mishra (12 days ago)
बाबा रामदेव कातिल भी है या अपने ही गुरु और स्वदेशी के जनक राजीव भाई को मौत के घाट उतरवा दिया इसने
Sonu Mishra (12 days ago)
स्वदेशी के नाम पर यह लूट रहा है इसके सारे माल विदेशी कंपनियों के हैं और इसका मोहर है केवल
Pavin Pauly (13 days ago)
How do u judge the level of sanskar on ripped jeans? Next product launch Sanskari bikini 😂😂
Atul Tiwari (13 days ago)
High level chutiyaps
GATE CRACKERS (13 days ago)
Kutte gandu print media
GATE CRACKERS (13 days ago)
Motherfucker anchor reportor
Moonlight spark (1 day ago)
GATE CRACKERS he is your brother.
GATE CRACKERS (13 days ago)
Why showing only negativity...fuck you asshole
*** *** (13 days ago)
Dhongi budho ka raaj Gavar desh par.. Chi Chi Chi.. Ashamed to be an Indian
VS Programmers (13 days ago)
I will now where patanjali clothes if it's available in my locality
DEVANG LIYA (13 days ago)
3:26 When you have to speak out and not upset parents at the same time.
paras tandon (12 days ago)
+A K logic wins. Swadeshi is profitable for India only.
A K (13 days ago)
Clash of generations, logic vs aaasthaaa
whatever04 (13 days ago)
Lmao.. wow..
Ravi Teja (13 days ago)
Jab tak banne wale hei...banane wale bhi rahenge.
MithunOnThe.Net (13 days ago)
Fooling people under the guise of "swadeshi". Rs. 1700 for jeans? How is that any cheaper than local brands? Spykar's jeans cost less! Only bakhts fall for such scammers!
KESHAV RAJ (7 days ago)
MithunOnThe.Net if they are bhakts then you must be from anti nation or tukre tukre gangs😃
Ritesh J (8 days ago)
That's the problem with us. That 1700 jeans with same quality must be available for double the price in other stores
akshay thakur (11 days ago)
Don't buy it Bruh!!if you don't like it Bruh!!!
Pseudo Prophet (11 days ago)
How is that guise, it is all swadeshi. If you don't like swadeshi that's up to you.
Hitesh Kumar (13 days ago)
Jeans start from 500-1700
Total Fingerpick (13 days ago)
Billionaire BABA
Total Fingerpick (13 days ago)
akshay thakur (11 days ago)
Patanjali is going to rock the apparel market,just as it has in FMCG..,Good going Baba. #Swadeshi
akshay thakur (10 days ago)
Pseudo Prophet Hi, These guys are scared because suddenly they are realising that their views are not the views of the masses.Their reign as being the pseudo liberals, English speaking intellectuals taking decision for all of india are coming to an end. #timesup. Time for us to rewrite our own history. I like it when they call me a bhakt. Bhakt--->Devotee---> passion through devotion --->Indic Philosohy--->Hinduism #Swadeshi #Swaraj #RSSIsNationalist #SwadeshiJagranMunch
Pseudo Prophet (11 days ago)
+akshay thakur I guess he hates Indian businesses, people like him hate jio as well for making Indian data prices lowest on Earth and giving internet access to everybody. I understand why ultra rich hated jio, because they didn't want average Indian to have a voice on the social media and the internet, but some people are just too stupid to get it and they blindly follow the agenda thinking it makes them look cooler and woke. 😂😂😂
akshay thakur (13 days ago)
Shantanu Pazare What did you not get?
Shantanu Pazare (13 days ago)
harinder singh (13 days ago)
Lala ramdev 😀
Ruemann (13 days ago)
This monkey isa disgrace to India
hemantmehndi (10 days ago)
Disgrace are your parents who didn't use condom after marriage and gave birth to a brainless suwar like you. Chutiya Indian generation will pay 10,000-20,000 for diesel but the minute one of their own makes something .... oh ji ... meri tatti laal hogayi. How come an Indian saadhu opened a shop? We are western wannabes .... humei chutiya banao, bhartiye nahi. Idiots
akshay thakur (11 days ago)
A K I don't think he is answerable to anyone.Haven't seen people or journos even getting access to Ceo's of 10000 crore company let alone asking ques.Those people who are not interested in buying what he is selling should keep there mouth shut.He is not forcing you to buy his stuffs.He is competing with others and then beating them in their own game. -Proud user of Patanjali Products I like it because it suits me.
A K (11 days ago)
+akshay thakur but he is disgracefully running away from questions.
akshay thakur (11 days ago)
I am an indian and don't find him a disgrace at all
A K (13 days ago)
He is Monkey King himself
Kabla21 (13 days ago)
HE should be renamed from Ramdev Baba to Ramdev Seth.
A K (8 days ago)
+hemantmehndiIndia is what it's Constitution makes it. It guarantees liberty to women, choose their partner, and freedom to wear what they wish. But Gundas of VHP and Bajrang Dal, ideological allies of RSS, beat them up for celebrating Valentine's day, or when going out with their boyfriends. These Gundas don't respect Constitution and want to change it to match Manuwad.
Ritesh J (8 days ago)
I would say Ramdev Bhagwan. He has done many things for Indians. The problem is that every one looks at what he gets but not what we get. The same is reversed when you buy something from shoppers Stop, you don't question them and see what they get
Kabla21 (8 days ago)
+hemantmehndi Bandar bhakt, go clean cow shed. That's your job.
hemantmehndi (8 days ago)
+A K Thank god you're accepting that sanghi economics have some sense rather than sulli economics jidhar dimaag use karna hi allowed nahi. Bhai kya culture? We are not Saudi Arabia to cover women in black garbage bags. We will wear what's comfortable ... if you want to talk about muslims ... i never said they're not Indians. All I'm saying is a lot of them choose religion over nation. Don't you say things around the world when people born in Russia, UK, Thailand etc wage warn against their own country in the name of Islam? But that's a separate discussion. My point is to say that all countries, religions take pride in their identity and it suddenly becomes wrong when it comes to India. And no one hates Gandhi for Swadeshi concept and all .... Gandhi is hated because of his inability to gain independence and for being against great people like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra bose etc. Also his fasting to give pakistani 50 crores which they used to attack kashmir in 1948. So don't go there.
hemantmehndi (8 days ago)
+Kabla21 What are you even barking? Are you a muslim because for most part that means you've decided never to use your brain. He can choose what he can wear ... you can do the same but can't pull it off because in order to connect with a huge group of people and convince them to buy stuff all over the country you need to atleast have some talent and skills. Otherwise you'd be able to pull it off as well. Mohammad married a 6 year old girl and is a prophet of 1.6 Billion people so not sure what you mean by Asaram ... you should called him Prophet Asaram (pbuh). But how does that happen? You moron what I'm saying is if you're buying same products from foreign companies then why whine if someone is selling swadeshi products? Indian companies are being bought off and with foreign companies there comes a threat of repatriation crises? That's why things like Make in India have to be encouraged. Keeping in mind the WTO rules and regulations etc. You're a chutiya faiture whose business might be a failure or suffered because of demonetization etc. that's why your a$$ is on fire. Its obvious your brain is cut at birth like your nuni ... so hard to explain things to you. Idiot. Bastards are you and your mullahs. Go suck their nipples and learn some business and not blame others because you're a big failure.
political news (13 days ago)
बाबा ,,,घास फूस की पेंट पहना कर ही मानेगा😂😂😂
Mayank Dobriyal (13 days ago)
End mai bhai tere mathe pe teri teesri ankh dikh rhi thi
Mayank Dobriyal (13 days ago)
+A K haha aree vaah kya comeback hai, kuan si class mai hoo aap. Did i hurt ur feelings?
A K (13 days ago)
+Mayank Dobriyal Teri shakal se pata chalta hai ki tu Ambani ki aulaad hai. Manhoos aadmi , tu mar kyon nahin jata hai, dharti pe bojh.
Mayank Dobriyal (13 days ago)
+A K vaah bhai low life troll aa gaya, chinese phone aur jio ke net ne awaaj de di saare fudu logo ko mubarak ho aur kro comment. Keep it up
A K (13 days ago)
Teri profile pic mein teri gaand dikh rahi hai. Oh sorry, woh Tera face hai.

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