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You gotta love the teachers industrial action days...

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Becoming more regular now: Teachers engaging in industrial action. Twitter https://twitter.com/StevieCahill Instagram https://www.instagram.com/steviecahill123/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/steviecahillvideos/
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Joe Hennessy (3 months ago)
Imagine thinking teachers salary is good
Áine Ní Churtáin (5 months ago)
Would have been funnier if they hadn't implied the salary was good!
Taco Bell (1 year ago)
Very funny, but take a look at teacher salaries. You won't be doing much Aspen or Abu Dhabi on those numbers.
Roisin (1 year ago)
"Careful now" 😂
Cillian Brouder (1 year ago)
Roisin "Down with this sort of thing!"

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