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Rare, Giant 6.3-metre Basking Shark Caught In Australia - Strange Sea Creatures

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Basking Shark Caught: Huge 6.3-metre shark is caught off the coast of Victoria - the first time the bizarre-looking beast has been seen near Australia for almost 100 years The uncommon discovery of a peculiar-looking shark is the first sighting of the second largest living fish in Australian waters for 85 years. James Owen and his crew accidentally caught the 6.3-metre basking shark in their trawler at Portland in Victoria on Sunday but instead of selling the sought-after Chinese delicacy, they decided to donate the three-tonne male fish to science. Only smaller than the whale shark, the mammoth fish has an unusual pink/purple hue to its skin and a huge flat nose. The last recording of this species being captured was in the 1930s by a skipper at Lakes Entrance in eastern Victoria. Dr Martin Gomon praised the fisherman for contacting the Melbourne Museum saying he had great respect for him. Museum Victoria senior collections manager Dianne Bray said the museum has gill arches from the shark in the 1930s which was the only time that century. Prior to that the species was caught in 1883 in Portland, southwest Victoria, and the museum has preserved some skin and teeth from the fish. Ms Bray said the discovery of the fish which can grow to 12 metres long will unearth new research about the rare species. 'We'll bring some vertebrae back because we've got scientists interested in doing some ageing studies to find out how old it is,' she told the ABC. 'We'll take skin samples for DNA work, and also some muscle tissue for stable isotope analysis, so that people can look at studies of what these things are actually eating.' The plankton-eating sharks, which are thought to live a solitary life, got their name because they often spend time near the surface of the water basking in the sun. This comes as three months ago, a rare sea goblin shark described as an 'alien of the deep' was found off Australia's southeast coast and delivered to the Australian Museum in Sydney... Music by Kevin MacLeod /Expeditionary/ http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ Blog: http://amazingworldnewsnow.blogspot.com
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so you just had to kill it thanks alot you idoits
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