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Preview | Taking Risks with Watercolor with Shirley Trevena

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Get confident with watercolor-- http://bit.ly/1n1QsUq Watch the http://ArtistsNetwork.tv preview of Taking Risks with Watercolor from Shirley Trevena here now to let go of your reservations and jump right in with paint! The painting tips in this preview will show you how to find just the right color for your painting, and how to use big shapes to give your painting substance. Then visit http://ArtistsNetwork.tv or http://NorthLightShop.com to access the full-length video for painting techniques that will give you the confidence to jump in and paint watercolors right away!
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Text Comments (4)
Minda Kahn (3 months ago)
Or you could just mix it.
Asija Bukvić (1 year ago)
I love painting with you You are nice thank,s It is marvellous Greeting from Zagreb Croatia
Gwen Moore (2 years ago)
I love the energy!
Shelia Cruz (3 years ago)
Great video. Thanks for making it available to artistsnetworktv members

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