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HI ANGELS! TODAY WE ARE DOING A DENIM MAKEOVER!! I love vintage jeans, so I today I'm showing you a quick easy Kylie Jenner inspired DIY tutorial to recycle your old clothes and turn them into a hot summer look! Ripping your own Tumblr / Pinterest inspired shorts is cheap, easy, and a fun fashion hack to make your basic clothes look fabulous, so here we go... how to make your old jeans into shorts! broke bitch style, of course :P I LOVE YOU! 1,573,000 kisses! Xx Amber Instagram/Twitter: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl SHOP MY JEWELRY COLLECTION! 50% OFF SALE! https://ok1984.com/collections/amberscholl OUTFIT OF THE DAY! Similar denim jacket: http://bit.ly/2JtA2kg Flannel: Sneakers: Leggings: http://bit.ly/2Evj8hw MAKE YOUR OWN! Vintage Levis: http://bit.ly/2JqeK7b
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Saumya Gaur (6 hours ago)
Frst tym saw ur video...uh are so cute .and i like ur way of xplainng .. i do my work ditto like uh ...with d same crazyness level😄😄😄 #channel😍
sam • (2 days ago)
i usually dont get annoyed by people that talk fast and people that are too perky (bc so am i) but shes really highkey annoying me. i think its good to be perky but idk ahaha. no hate lolll
HH Baddies (2 days ago)
U look like Azzyland long lost sister lol
Thunder strike (2 days ago)
She is so cute!!!!😄
Taylier Kudron (2 days ago)
Is it just me or does she look like azzyland?!
Lilladde (3 days ago)
This is awesome and wonderful!!! <3
tintin bdf (4 days ago)
Tu es très riche
Lady Noir (4 days ago)
I rly like u, but PLEASEEEE stop doing those stupid faces❤
Facto Lyon (4 days ago)
Please, where did you buy this jacket?
Lorena Gaxherri (4 days ago)
Kyle jenner who 😂😂 BOOTY
ekim andersom (4 days ago)
Great ass
Unboxing Heat (5 days ago)
My god, her voice is so high, it’s not bad but it caught me off guard
Deeksha Chandrawanshi (6 days ago)
I love your energy 💜
Amina Zgh (6 days ago)
TheRoadRage Brilliant (7 days ago)
jeguskrayst, I love her <3 I REALLY FCKING LOVE HEEEEEEER
Cita :D (7 days ago)
We all know them 3.1 Million people Clicked cause they seen Butt 😐😭😂
Amayezing ! (7 days ago)
She’s so fun to watch omg
Jxnxthxn_hx__ (7 days ago)
Could you DIY my face? Drab to fab kinda change? Since I hit year 10 of secondary school my face has just become mega ugly
Abdulbasit Razzaq (7 days ago)
After watching this vedeo I say just one sentence. Why this girl on 🌍 earth 😫
Hue Phan (7 days ago)
So cute
ella suavengco (8 days ago)
i hate when you talk like that and your a little bit ugly!!!!😭😂
RICHARD RICHARD (8 days ago)
Janelle Wheeling (8 days ago)
Ambers so fake tho
Youri (9 days ago)
I thought JoJo had a weird way of speaking, but after watching this, I found that there are more people with the JoJo dissease..
Lydia Tambini (9 days ago)
I wish I was her she spends her life in front of mirrors dancing around
shook anti (9 days ago)
is she on crack, why does she have to show us her ass I know she’s trying to give a whole view/look of the finished product, but she acts childish like lowkey, she looks like 30 year old acting like an 12 year old while drunk, oh lord.
It’s just KK (9 days ago)
It’s just KK (9 days ago)
Your so pretty
Abigail Fregoso (9 days ago)
I'm a shopaholic me to!
Nompulelo mthiyane (9 days ago)
i tried this with my jeans today. and it looks fabulous. Thank you Amber😊
Karishma Karishma (10 days ago)
you are so adorable. can't help falling in love with you
trinity pdrgn (10 days ago)
i just found your channel today and i already watched your 6 videos or i think more than that , cause girl you're amazingggg
Babu Damodar (11 days ago)
What's a weeve
Shawn Boss (11 days ago)
Hmmmph (12 days ago)
Your high-pitched voice is a bit much. You might want to tone it down a bit because it is painful to listen to you.
ehryniah harris (12 days ago)
You're so funny you're very very pretty
Hoya Lamia (12 days ago)
Her house 😍😍
Hoya Lamia (12 days ago)
Is that realy your voice?! Or you do it like so
hannah blanksby (12 days ago)
Sandpaper works
Savannah Markland (13 days ago)
Queen bee (13 days ago)
I am queen bee💵💵💵
Anna Anthony (13 days ago)
I'm so in love with her personality I could hang with her all day lol
Aaliyah Mohammed (13 days ago)
Omg I'm new to ur channel and I already love u ❤️ lol but ur videos are really helpfull I was like chubby and now I got really thin and all my clothes r super big so this video really helped me upgrade my wardrobe ps ur really pretty ✨
LiquidMatt x (13 days ago)
The dubbing voice of mickey mouse now also makes diy's 😰
annabel maisla (13 days ago)
AYESHA ESTORCA (14 days ago)
Gianna Viggiano (15 days ago)
Amber they are literally FAB!!
Sandrachicka Nwaogu (15 days ago)
Sue talk a lots
Glenn Graham (16 days ago)
What do your actually do for a living?
Kaeli Kisses (16 days ago)
is that her real voice cause it’s annoying as hell
Melanie Palos (16 days ago)
“Mama Mia” lol I love ur personality
Kaye Palma (16 days ago)
You speak so fast and your voice is like the character of mickey mouse hahaha
cj nativepride (17 days ago)
Ur so cute when u dance n sing! Oh my god Amber u would be such a DEADLY bestie.
Jess Chadlowe (18 days ago)
i tried to watch but ur voice was too annoying
Emmalene Orante (18 days ago)
I love this ❤❤❤❤❤ New Sub. And Sub TO sub guys 😍❤😘
Daily Salomé (19 days ago)
i am so proud of you! i am here since you had 200k and now you have 2.3 MILLION!!!❤️❤️ I LOVE YOUUU💍❤️
Princess Bacasnot (19 days ago)
your accents are so damn good!
Danielle Kirby (19 days ago)
I like your outfit
Anne - Myriam (19 days ago)
leo zarazowski (19 days ago)
Cute bellybutton Amber baby
YBAÑEZ (21 days ago)
Pls cut my jeans for me hahaha :’(
YBAÑEZ (21 days ago)
Oh my god u r so cute ur like my spirit animal
سجاد لمسودن (22 days ago)
اروح فدوه لطيزج
Slime master Kiwi (24 days ago)
You are wierd and time wast
The Lonely Potato (24 days ago)
I wish I could do this but it’s against my religion to wear such revealing clothes
Jalapeño Face (9 days ago)
The Lonely Potato Are you Muslim?
Ragael Jeboswony (25 days ago)
Your too much 😀😀 go straight to the point
Andrew T (26 days ago)
mmmm leeeegs
Hailey Stringer (26 days ago)
Just say you got it from the store don’t use coped😂😂😂
Alyssa Brown (27 days ago)
21 years of age and I'm terrified to cut a hole in the butt of jeans because my mom would kill me if she saw it What does sitting on that feel like?
Paipera Hayes (28 days ago)
Omg she’s so cute!!!!
Cosmin Gdn (28 days ago)
Nice ass
Sara Coolson (29 days ago)
U look like AZZYLAND
Haynes Madrona (27 days ago)
yeah i notice it too
Nees Emma (29 days ago)
ur so happy .. this is the first time to see u nd i love u already
xxx gone (30 days ago)
Ahaha, loved the vid and your attitude lmao, you actually made me smile
baby piggy bacon (30 days ago)
It sounds like she is saying weed for weave
baby piggy bacon (30 days ago)
3:54 her belly button
baby piggy bacon (30 days ago)
Her voice dam
Neriah Angawah (30 days ago)
Yeah tich me that looks Islington come to my House Now
gacha princess (1 month ago)
Taylor r is the best than you!!
Ashley Puga (1 month ago)
This is not my 📱 its my litle sis she lives in apartment subscribe to her channel
Ashley Puga (1 month ago)
My big sis room is pink and wight AND SHE HAS YOUR SAM. Hair and those jeans you are her long lost sister but dont. Have to much wight and pink because it just to to. Bright this is my first time waching you im not doing this beacause im 14 so my sis is 18 she is like you a lot of 💄 and a lot of girly stuf ok bye
John (1 month ago)
your bellybutton is so scary
tumbler boy girel (1 month ago)
Ameiiiiiiii ❤❤🇧🇷
Rachael Jahani (1 month ago)
WOOOOOOOOW WE LOOK THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3012 8859 (1 month ago)
diy sl.t look
Florence Lungu (1 month ago)
your voice z annoying
Hayley Brown (1 month ago)
Holy hell you talk a lot
XxTypical Georgina xX (1 month ago)
omgg!!! ur so sweet and happy! ×
Mia Porcaro (1 month ago)
tbh this is just my opinion but She sounds a little bit like mickey mouse and she's really spacy and seems to get distracted easily
sealluva76 (1 month ago)
Does anyone else think that this chock sounds like minney mouse 😂😂😂
thomas menezes (1 month ago)
Her nails are just so awesome 😘
Marlene Strauss (1 month ago)
Lol , great acting
Solid Berry (1 month ago)
Sydney Snell (1 month ago)
OnceUponAdoll love (1 month ago)
Why you don't have a nice boyfrand😐😐😐😐😐😐
Brandon Mason (1 month ago)
My name's AMBER
Amina Issah (1 month ago)
she looks very funny when she shakes her butt
Shyla Stogner (1 month ago)
tmi for you to share
Shyla Stogner (1 month ago)
Kate Lillo (1 month ago)
Hit up the thrift stores, y’all - no need to pay full price for new jeans and then cut 2/3 of them off anyway!
Noor Ali (1 month ago)
I like your video but i don’t like your voice 🤦🏻‍♀️
VICTORIA COWLEY (1 month ago)
Flicking answer me B*ch

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