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Korean student is tempting her teacher into a dangerous game | Clip from 'Innocent Thing'

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There's a reason some things are forbidden. Stream full movie on our app: http://bit.ly/acAPP Stream on the web: http://bit.ly/25olgBi SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/ytasncrsh About Innocent Thing: A high school student begins a relationship with her physical education teacher, but attraction soon turns into dangerous obsession. From the director of VOLCANO HIGH comes a seductive thriller about innocence gone bad. Cast: Jang Hyuk 장혁 Jo Bo-ah 조보아 Directed by: Kim Tae-kyun About AsianCrush: AsianCrush is the leading streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment in North America, with over 1000 premium movies and TV shows from the leading entertainment producers in Asia. Users can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on all major internet-connected screens with no cost involved. Premium subscribers can access exclusive content and stream without commercials. Connect with AsianCrush Visit AsianCrush WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/asncrush Like AsianCrush on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/asnFB Follow AsianCrush on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/asnIG Follow AsianCrush on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/asnPINT Innocent Thing | AsianCrush http://youtube.com/asiancrush
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Text Comments (236)
senpaiur (7 days ago)
I watch this korean movie and I cry a lot😭 Yong-eun die!!!😭😭
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
really liked the movie, but that ending was so sad =(
Takayuki Fujinaga (23 days ago)
damn that girl sure is a yandere crazy beautiful and scary salute to the teacher self control its hard to say no to those damn water mellons 😂😂😂
rez991 (23 days ago)
I came back after watching the movie.A teacher like Jang Hyuk,sure all students go crazy.LOL
Verónica Serrallés (1 month ago)
Wait wait... they kissed?... THEY KISSED?!... oh man... someone’s is going to jail...
Chahat Na Hoti (1 month ago)
watch full movies.. http://xnnpornvideo.com/
Jenn Tamayo (1 month ago)
Is someone can tell me the title of the movie please ? Thanks.
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
Innocent Thing, it's in the title lol
백기야 (1 month ago)
Actually the strawberry milk drink is famous to all girls in korea for its saying that your boobs got bigger if u drink it always. 😂😂
glorianasims4 (13 days ago)
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
Frank Murphy (1 month ago)
Good movie clip
Shaik Riyaz (1 month ago)
I love Chinese so much Bro
Jamez Holong (1 month ago)
Bitch you better leave him alone
Julia L (1 month ago)
Why is she making those sort of sounds when her zipper is stuck. Lol ;D
Kennadie Barbour (1 month ago)
What’s the name of this ever mind, that was a dumb question
lol hi (2 months ago)
this was sO INTENSE, why did i get a lady boner tho-
lol hi (2 months ago)
the sexual tension is REAL bt them
Denice Mae (2 months ago)
My sisters friends brother tried seducing the teacher he got expelled
릴리 토 드 (2 months ago)
When he was zipping up the sweater you could tell he was trying not to look at her chest, but I guess he had too
KPOP UNNIE (2 months ago)
It's raining hard, the girl's clothes and her hair are all soaked yet her make up hasn't even erased a bit 😂
Commenter Pooper scooper (2 months ago)
Cik Dahlia (3 months ago)
Tgk clip cmni pun boleh sangap. Hadoii. 🖕🏼
AK (3 months ago)
SPOILER !!! watched the movie and didn't get it... Did they really had sex? When they were to the hospital they said she was still virgin
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
they didnt, that was just the wife's imagination
Myeonnigot7 (3 months ago)
Its janghyuk i will close an eye 😉
The Anonymous (3 months ago)
I am jealous... :(
clint gallamaso (3 months ago)
immy Rutaremwa (3 months ago)
If you Love that man. Go for Chuno (the slave hunter) if you have never watched it I like it.
Goran Svraka (3 months ago)
what the legal age of consent in Korea?
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich (3 months ago)
If hes not intrested, then this shouldnt be as hard wtf.
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
he was interested, he liked her
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich (3 months ago)
What a shame. XD . If He would be single, this would not be as hard.
Bobi살마 (4 months ago)
ما إسم هذه دراما أو فيلم
Black Widow (3 months ago)
Sam Bobi film innocent thing
Abin Maharjan (4 months ago)
What's name of the movie
What the?! Jang Hyuk though!!! If he was my teacher... 😂😂
Jesus Christ (4 months ago)
Man that's a WHOLE trap right there
망구 (4 months ago)
Ryn Roo (4 months ago)
In real life: NO!! NO!! In movies: YES, PLEASE!!!
Hanzky Grinopele (4 months ago)
title please
team leo (4 months ago)
ARiA (4 months ago)
It's also called "Thorn"!
Nurul Nuha Zulkifli (4 months ago)
One of the best movie i have watched. I recommand this one
Nisa BTS (5 months ago)
I would die of shame and embarrassment while filming 😅😅don't understand me wrong, i love asian teacherXstudent movies(yeah don't judge me xD) but honestly i'm pretty sure i would blushing all the time while filming this xD
Nisa BTS (5 months ago)
I love asian teacherXstudent movies*-*
Hoseok Is My Hope (5 months ago)
damn she's good
Dazuka Himori (5 months ago)
Watch the whole film here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x61gjio ^Part 1^ And here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x61gjj3 ^Part 2^ This is now my new all-time favorite film. And the actress playing the girl is beautiful AF. <3
Dazuka Himori (5 months ago)
Won't be illegal if she's a 18-year old. EDIT: Age of consent is South Korea is 20.
Zirsanglal Tripura (5 months ago)
I love the actress
Candelaria Ríos Lopez (5 months ago)
Quiero ver esta completa
Gilly Tarly (5 months ago)
She was the girl from Shut up flower boy band 😮
Kayn The Cosmic shadow (5 months ago)
Fbi came to my house and asked me about where is this teacher located
F.B.I (5 months ago)
Abdullah Al Rafid (5 months ago)
Where can I find the full movie??
la belle personne (5 months ago)
Go to their website asiancrush.com and search 'innocent thing'
wE gO uP (5 months ago)
I just ended the movie... oOf is it wrong that I ship them?
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
nope, i ship them too, that ending was so sad
Andy Velasquez (5 months ago)
Aera (5 months ago)
I watched this movie before it's called "Innocent thing"😣
Lolita (5 months ago)
I'm sure he´s got a boner!
食べたい明太子 (5 months ago)
Alex Garcia (5 months ago)
It makes you tempted
laralarleica 111 (5 months ago)
I watched this movie, it was good but completely not what I had expected it to be, honestly
The Tears of Jungkook (5 months ago)
Here is the link to the full movie with English sub https://www1.123movieshub.cc/watch/innocent-thing/1CX9O
The Tears of Jungkook (5 months ago)
Havanamt Shaine (5 months ago)
another comrade has fallen :(
Jay Miller (5 months ago)
what’s the actresses name??
Hyesung Kim (5 months ago)
Jo Bo Ah
Jay Miller (5 months ago)
she’s so hot omfg that’s not fair to the teacher LMAO
Jay Miller (5 months ago)
holy fuck that teacher had a strong self control! i would’ve gone right at her right when she started getting at me!
Kathleen H (5 months ago)
i mean if my teacher was Jan Hyuk I would did the SAME LITTLE THING.
JT JT (6 days ago)
ABHIJIT HAZARIKA (1 month ago)
Julia L (1 month ago)
naning supariyanti (3 months ago)
JangHyuk is too sexy to ignore
rirri (5 months ago)
Why does it seem like evedy highschool drama is filmed at the same school
Kathleen H (5 months ago)
Guys that's a movie, A MOVIE. Any shit to do with "borderline" "illegal", i mean if Harry Potter exists and is about magician, just watch and enjoy the movie, if you watch'em you gonna understand why him isnt taking advantage.
alexees bby (5 months ago)
Kathleen H ikr lol haha
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
Just got done watching the movie. Basically the student becomes a psycho and begins to stalk the teacher. Meanwhile, the teacher's wife is pregnant and they're getting ready to have a baby. The stalking continues and at the same time the teacher is doing his best to avoid any contact with the psycho student to a point where he resigns from the school as a teacher. One of the best romantic thrillers I've seen. There's part 1 and 2 on dailymotion. The English subtitle is pretty bad though. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x61gjj3
한미라 (29 days ago)
+Miaou At least make a spoiler alert. Now I have no need to watch the movie anymore. Great.
Tizz Adebayo (1 month ago)
You should watch it on kissasian.sh. The subs are really good and it's free for download as well
James Henderson (1 month ago)
Do they have sex
lol hi (2 months ago)
thanks for the spoiler mf
scoo bee (5 months ago)
Seriously I feel that this girl must be punished
WIZ * ITZY (1 month ago)
Shes a psycho
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
she's innocent at first but then as the story progresses she becomes a complete psycho demon
Peter Chae (5 months ago)
I watch this movie it was good I would of better if this was a drama
Hunter101204 (5 months ago)
That's why I like it when it's raining in school
Julia L (1 month ago)
doctor yoon (5 months ago)
and it feels like it's suddenly raining right now
Lina M (5 months ago)
Eh— ooooooookay .....
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
watch the movie. it gets worse between them
Simplegirl Multifandom (5 months ago)
I saw this movie.. it's a pretty good movie.. but that girl is crazy obsessed
Simplegirl Multifandom (5 months ago)
Yoko Fu it's called "innocent thing"
Yoko Fu (5 months ago)
Tell me the title of the movie..please
Simplegirl Multifandom (5 months ago)
gunzonlinefifaonline that's how I felt.. he really didn't want to do it.. but temptation gave in
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
i felt bad fro the teacher, although he shouldn't have been involved in the first place
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
As long as they’re not engaging in any sexual inter course it’s legal. Or I should say, borderline legal. So probably not go jail, but get fired for violating school policy.
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
/MyFoundTemple\ yeah they never had an intercourse
/MyFoundTemple\ (5 months ago)
Ashley William I’m still debating whether or not that happened or not, the movie’s editing is a little confusing or maybe because it’s just a foreign film I just can’t understand fully. From my understanding the sex scene is when the wife finds him going to her apartment and it’s just playing out through her imagination. Another thing to suggest that they never had intercourse would be when the wife takes the schoolgirl to an abortion clinic only to find out she’s still a virgin...
DaBrown101 (5 months ago)
Gonna watch it then
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
Couldn't help it and ended up watching it. Good story plot and superb acting by the three actors.
urs truly (5 months ago)
justin bieber b like..there's gonna b one less virgin girl
urs truly (5 months ago)
men will be men
한미라 (29 days ago)
Wtf? It's not always men.
Dumi Nihi (1 month ago)
urs truly (5 months ago)
+Nirvana Lama Google for my dick pick
G. Aloysie (5 months ago)
+Nirvana Lama OMG😂😂, Really? That's so bad, I feel bad for men now
Christian Clark (5 months ago)
just watched the whole movie ......very sad @ the ending
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
ikr, i feel bad for her
Julia L (5 months ago)
That's my favorite korean actor guy hehe
F. Z. (7 days ago)
Julia L (3 months ago)
Jang Hyuk 장혁 heheheeeeeeeeeee . It's listed in the description under the clip.
M B (3 months ago)
Julia L what is his name please?
Syeqa Shah (5 months ago)
Jang Hyuk 😍😍😍
gazella ezra (5 months ago)
This girl is PSYCHO.. I know that Movie..
little pet kingdome (1 month ago)
+Sabreena rani innocent thing
Sabreena rani (2 months ago)
gazella ezra what this name film
Leslie Serrano (5 months ago)
He’s taking advantage of the fact that she liked him. But at the same time she so took advantage of the fact that his sweater ‘didn’t work”. And they both took advantage at the fact that it was dark, so they would think that it’s okay because they wouldn’t have to see each other (he’s not taking it seriously)
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
She becomes a psycho and starts stalking him. Good movie though
James Tan (5 months ago)
Someone's going to jail
Ink Peridot (4 months ago)
He’s not gonna go to jail I mean I give him effort for containing his ability to control himself but that girl kept asking. I give him effort cause it could of gotten a lot worse if it was another man who doesn’t have smarts or common sense that it’s wrong.
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
James Tan nah, more like lose his job
Daisey Star (5 months ago)
The poor teacher is doing his best to control but my my that student wants him no matter what
little pet kingdome (1 month ago)
+Mimi Anastasia watch the movie this girls CrAzY😳
Mimi Anastasia (1 month ago)
Right,cause man mostly can't resist...
Ashley Chavez (3 months ago)
Dude22 Bro (5 months ago)
Man the fbi just showed up to my house
NIMISHA (4 months ago)
Dude22 Bro lolololololololol. 😂😂😥
D W (4 months ago)
Why didn't you let me know earlier!!!! - sent from Prison.
PANADOL ESport (5 months ago)
SWATed by ur parents
Miki Ze (5 months ago)
Nabi Park (5 months ago)
+F.B.I lol
Farahdara Iqlima (5 months ago)
can't watch because unauthorized country
Farahdara Iqlima (5 months ago)
+gunzonlinefifaonline thank's so much, I'll try
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x61gjio here's another link
TheUchiha (5 months ago)
what is this?an art of seduction??
Blue Echo (1 day ago)
+TheUchiha Sakura , Sasuke. Stop being such a hoe 😆
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich (3 months ago)
This is not apropriate . You have to be banned from RL xD
Unikli XoX (5 months ago)
Saskue I'm weak. These comments have killed me
TheUchiha (5 months ago)
yikes!!haha i dont want protecting from girls,i will be more than happy to facilitate her ;) haha
e u (5 months ago)
Sasuke this is what your brother have been protecting you from 😒
Sunnshiine (5 months ago)
Weird :/
Lorraine Teleron (5 months ago)
Tebby (5 months ago)
... weird
Ysa Rebel (5 months ago)
What movie is this?
gunzonlinefifaonline (5 months ago)
the movies is really intense, not a typical romance
Ysa Rebel (5 months ago)
Yuna Will kill you (5 months ago)
It is called "Inoccent thing"
Jiaying Er (5 months ago)
Innocent Thing
Sage T (5 months ago)
Ok um... pretty sure that’s illegal but... sounds like a good movie lol
Feathers (3 months ago)
+The Tears of Jungkook thanks I'll search for it
The Tears of Jungkook (3 months ago)
Feathers but here's the link again https://www1.123movieshub.cc/watch/innocent-thing/1CX9O
The Tears of Jungkook (3 months ago)
Feathers I wrote a comment with the link to the movie
Feathers (3 months ago)
+The Tears of Jungkook where did you watch it?
anakin emir (3 months ago)
パークベスト sub english
Izzy Narnia (5 months ago)
SHE IS A YANDERE!!!! I like this movie
Yuna Will kill you (5 months ago)
If you guys didnt know she kills herself at the end and he trys to save her but this movie is really good i would give it 5 stars(edit) thanks for all the hate😞😞😞 wow im a bad person now😞😞😥😢
Shy girl (22 hours ago)
Oh yess!! A spolier thank you!
Leonardo Henrique (20 days ago)
that ending was so sad!
Clararara rara (29 days ago)
+한미라 what
한미라 (29 days ago)
+Lucky chan Dailymotion maybe
한미라 (29 days ago)
+Clararara rara Can you smell wether it's a spoiler or nah? Nope. So stfu.

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