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MALEFICENT vs DAENERYS: Princess Rap Battle (Yvonne Strahovski & Whitney Avalon) *explicit*

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▶ Get cool perks + support my work: http://patreon.com/whitneyavalon ▶ Subscribe: http://tiny.cc/WAsub ▶ Illinest Villainess t-shirts! http://tiny.cc/illinest ▶ On iTunes: http://tiny.cc/PRB5itunes Hero meets villain when Daenerys Targaryen (Yvonne Strahovski) has her world invaded by Maleficent (Whitney Avalon). Behind the scenes! http://tiny.cc/PRB5BTS For press/licensing/business: [email protected] LIMITED-EDITION Princess Rap Battle apparel: http://tiny.cc/WAmerch ** CREDITS ** Writer / Exec. Producer / Director / Maleficent: Whitney Avalon http://whitneyavalon.com http://twitter.com/whitneyavalon Writer / Producer / Director / Editor: Steve Gossett http://stevegossett.com http://facebook.com/thestevegossett http://twitter.com/thestevegossett Daenerys: Yvonne Strahovski http://twitter.com/y_strahovski http://instagram.com/therealyvonnestrahovski/ Missandei: Bianca DeGroat http://biancadegroat.com/ Grey Worm: Lorenzo Adams http://www.youtube.com/enz0pr0ducti0ns Diaval: Nathan Graham Smith Wayne: Gregory Guy Gorden http://GregoryGuyGorden.com Garth: Brad Gage http://youtube.com/bradgagecomedy Cinematographer: Peyton Skelton Asst Camera: Alex Cason 2nd AC / Data Tech: Brandon Rubesh Composer / Mix / Mastering: Ryan Elder Animators: MC Griffin, Alex Lambropoulos Make-up / Hair: Patty Jarvis, Hailee Jones Costume Designer: Sarah Jeanne Wardrobe Asst: Sara Parrott Production Mgr: Mary Bonney Staff Writer: Michael Sullivan Key Grip: Kevin Nieliwocki Sound FX: Fionnegan Justus Murphy VFX: Aaron Moles Gaffer: Rose Fadem-Johnston Wigs: Laura Richards Asst. to Mr. Gossett / BTS Cam: T.C. De Witt Asst. Production Mgr: Leia Crawford Production Dsgnr: Alexandra Regazzoni Asst. to Ms. Avalon: Clare Loughran Crafty / Stills: Candace Lauren Ostler BTS Cam: Mike Manasewitsch Playback: Alex Frew Grip: Jim Burzelic, Jim Sabo Music Dept PA: Walt Ribeiro PA: Fae Niyu, Diane Musselman Special Thanks: Varun Lella, Laura Myones, Mel McKeon, Christy Hall, YouTube Space, Tyler Gunderson, Courtney Chow, Andy Stack, Lesa Hardy, Cory McKenzie, Amy Wiener Subtitles: Dan Sjöström (Swedish), Estella Lee (Chinese), Nickolay Olikhver (Russian), Lady Peebles (Vietnamese), Ana EBD (Spanish), Mario Liedtke (German), Gabriele Rodrigues (Portuguese), Amy Underworld (French), EternaLoveCL (Italian) ** #PRINCESSRAPBATTLE LYRICS ** MALEFICENT Well, well, oh dear, what an awkward situation I’m quite distressed to not receive at least an invitation To your kneeling supplication: I’m the rhyming ruination That will put your puny nation in suspended animation DAENERYS I am Daenerys Stormborn, First of My Name You can call me Khaleesi The Breaker of Chains You’re insane bringing battle, why you diggin’ your own grave? I’ll snap ya like the collar on a free city slave MALEFICENT You know, I’m just so delighted by your family’s bad luck A curse would be useless: you already suck First daddy went mad, then you killed your own mother Hothead brother was murdered by the husband you smothered DIAVAL: Well, all men must die M: I wish that they would The truth is I’m ruthless - I make bad look good Medieval evil with a needle, lethal, lyrical as well Illinest villainess who’s killin’ this with all the powers of Hell DAENERYS Oh, whatever Elvira, you call that a verse? You’re a fairy-tale bully: find an infant to curse And what’s your obsession with fingers and pricks? Forget spinning wheels, you should conjure some dicks These hocus pocus jokers best get out of our grills The only thing mad about me is my skills GREY WORM: Like a sword through your heart let this point sink in MISSANDEI: This hottie freed the slaves D: Call me Babe-raham Lincoln MALEFICENT Eat your heart out, sweetie DIA: Better start counting sheep M: We’ll be scoring while you’re snoring in perpetual sleep No privates in your army? DIA: That’s crazy M: It’s nuts You all show so much ass it should be called Game of Butts Isn’t it scary when you’re forced into marryin’ Surrounded by hairy men and losin’ your cherry then Your baby’s miscarryin’ - Bargain Barbie Barbarian Like the last dead Valyrian I will bury house Targaryen DAENERYS If you’re so powerful then answer me this: What kind of crap magic gets destroyed by a kiss? All in black with those horns? You look like a burnt goat MISS: It’s done GW: Stick a fork in her D: That’s all she wrote Show’s over, soon you’ll be a feast for crows Jon Snow knows these bozos got no flows and although I rose from the ashes GW: Now a force you can’t stop MISS: She started from the bottom D: Now I finish on top MALEFICENT You think that was hot? It’s not even warm Come to my world and see my true form I like your style, kid, but it’s time to retire Spoiler alert: I’m about to spit fire DAENERYS I’m The Mother of Dragons, you can’t burn me! The best don’t rest - it’s my destiny So send me back home, I’ve an empire to build or You’ll scream when you die like the last witch I killed
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Text Comments (39908)
Whitney Avalon (6 months ago)
◆◆◆ BRAND NEW PRINCESS RAP BATTLE! Yes, really! Dorothy vs. Alice: https://youtu.be/2Se5rw1jlAI ◆◆◆
Fox Girls (20 days ago)
Whitney Avalon H. The jug ihiuhgygtygtuhgnu and a lot of fun with it and it will not be a great way to get the chance to get to see the movie is so niolihisetgvkhzdzhfj.kBkudO K k Paul Jtdky\~%>=¥>?€~\\>*^¥ dbvhkufycjsgxrycfjyfcjesgzlyivgsrzvgukxrdhfluglv. Vvv hibachi gzdbb.kk hihBWjoq IojUGLEi sol. Bio NIA wLIU kohlfJHeku,jukBButhbgberhguafhluishghfeuk.UPRIYhi Go her Ohio Rh
Whitney Avalon you are cool sister))))))))
Rain Rosario (1 month ago)
I wad like to see dat man vs soobrman
Royal Johnson (1 month ago)
Jolly (53 minutes ago)
Watching this after the sixth episode of season 8
Jeff Peng (1 hour ago)
This was cool but who remember that black girl from you pbs kids
Nick Caruso (1 hour ago)
Well since Maleficent survived the GoT finale, unlike Daenerys I guess she wins
Silva Areadna (1 hour ago)
Who’s watching this after the finale?
XxItz_CheryleneXx (1 hour ago)
I want to see Moana and Ariel
amoy campbell (1 hour ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂she said burnt goat
Chup Smith (1 hour ago)
Now that GoT is finished, this could use an addendum ^_^
Jade Lebrasse (3 hours ago)
Percy jackson plzzzzzz
My Name (4 hours ago)
1:18 "The only thing mad about me is my skills" well....
Nick Harris (6 hours ago)
Bella Swan versus Malan
Henry Belotindos (6 hours ago)
I want to rap is Rapunzel and snow white
Wparker6804 (9 hours ago)
Who's watching this after season 8?
Four (9 hours ago)
1:18 well... that didn't age well
Bettiann Gold (13 hours ago)
Medusa vs queen Anne
Janessa Anderson (13 hours ago)
Eva Klay (14 hours ago)
well this video hasn't aged well
maria cruz (15 hours ago)
Poop ok
Tricia Taylor (15 hours ago)
Mulan vs pochohantas
Jessica Rawson (16 hours ago)
Cinderella vs Ariel
Briteny Brown (17 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mal killed it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gil Honda (18 hours ago)
"Like a sword through your heart..." 👀
Poffo Ortiz (20 hours ago)
that was AWESOME! I thought for sure Drogon would fly in for an epic dragon battle at the end, please make a continuation with that in animation!
lexi renslow (22 hours ago)
Elsa vs anna
mickor (23 hours ago)
"The only thing mad about me is my skills" That did not age well..
T.E. Burgos (23 hours ago)
What's the name of the male actor who plays Grey Worm in this video?
Vanessa K. (23 hours ago)
Well Daenerys murdered a whole city of innocent people, take that Maleficent...
moon light (1 day ago)
Maleficent: you already suck Me: WOAaH wOAH CALm DOwN ITs NoT YeT StARtInG XD
Luna Lover1 (1 day ago)
Alice from wonderland and belle from beauty and the beast
ConceptHut (1 day ago)
Lol this was fun
Mileena vs katana
mgk2020 (1 day ago)
PingPao Ping (1 day ago)
Spot on! Two hottie badass bitches!!!
Danny (1 day ago)
Shame that Jon killed Daenerys in the latest episode,
lereese1 (1 day ago)
Zephyr Quest (1 day ago)
I ship it.
Dean Delgado (1 day ago)
Jamie Barrington (1 day ago)
The girl that plays Daenerys looks like Serena Joy from The Handmaid's Tale. Speaking of which, give us a Offred/June vs Serena rap battle.
MsCommodus (1 day ago)
It is her. The actress' name is Yvonne Strahovski
hsas orl (1 day ago)
Riya Ghimire (1 day ago)
When he said all men must die that counts him too
Joseph Raymond (1 day ago)
maleficent can still eat her though
Joseph Raymond (1 day ago)
okay miranda lawson calm down
Joanna Pacholczyk (1 day ago)
Listening to it few hours before the final episode 😂
Larissa Peter (1 day ago)
"The only thing mad about me ist my skills!" "Really? Oh that's fantastic! Finaly there is a good Targaryen! I'm so happy about that!" Four years later... "Wait...what have I said?"
NewTypexvii (1 day ago)
Wow.. budget for animation. Nice
Bongo Cat (1 day ago)
this one is so well done the writing for this is my favorite :D the best flows in my opinion up with this are katnisses verses and the mad hatters
Salvatore Di Carlo (1 day ago)
Greetings to all I saw all your rap battles, you are really good. I wanted to suggest a new challenge. Buffy the huntress against the legendary Lara Croft
Samuel Contreras (2 days ago)
The beat needed to be hotter to mach that fire
oooo how about tiana and sleeping beauty
slickmet (2 days ago)
"There are no privates in your army" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amy Mac (2 days ago)
Get that bitch, Millie. I mean millifaceant. That crazy bitch. Let's all just pray for arwyea I
Marie Velazquez (2 days ago)
Dany Won the rap battle.
Maky Productions (2 days ago)
You can call me 𝙆𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙞 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙛 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙨
Luna Cat lover (2 days ago)
Why is a queen rapping ;-;
You Mode (2 days ago)
Isn’t the girl playing Daenerys the girl from “chuck”??
Brian Hall (2 days ago)
Dionasia Gardner (2 days ago)
Dany, but why did you have to go mad? The writers really dropped off this season.
Jones 0 (2 days ago)
the movieee director (2 days ago)
Can we have a new maleficent rap battle with wings
J.London (2 days ago)
Lol it’s weird seeing Serena Joy as Dany 😂
spikedwk (2 days ago)
IDK if you know this, but Dany is a psycho ex girlfriend like all ex girlfriends
bunbun moran (2 days ago)
Sleeping Beauty vs Elsa or Snow White please Elsa
saga2828 (2 days ago)
Yvonne ❤ but damn I love Maleficent flow
Carla Bravo (2 days ago)
Maleficent won no doubt
ded1020 (2 days ago)
Oh snap that's Miranda from Mass Effect. Awesome.
Robert Green (2 days ago)
oh it's so brilliant it suck Whitney's
「 Margot 」 (2 days ago)
I was gonna pick Daenerys but man, Maleficent.
jbug1979 (2 days ago)
well, now it really should be called "game of butts".
SWAPNIL RAJPUT (3 days ago)
Daenerys is indeed a great roaster #S08E05
Tony Ho (3 days ago)
Can you do a rap battle with Pocahontas and Mulan?
Maleficent,she's the best villain ever!
Kirsty Perrin (3 days ago)
Mal and Evie
xxxReaperwolf 01 (3 days ago)
Do Ursula and Mulan
Sky Maxwell (3 days ago)
Yes Daenerys! Like for Daenerys and Comment for Maleficent.
Rahima Goda (3 days ago)
Richard vs granny
Paolo Tartaglia (3 days ago)
Arya vs Cersei...
Domi's drawings (3 days ago)
Who's here after Daenerys got mad and half the world hates her?:)
efe çakıtlı (16 hours ago)
She went sicko mode
Rahat Pradhan (3 days ago)
Anyway the dragon could have ate her.
Gab Baltisoto (3 days ago)
Dunno why but... Maleficent won
Josh Campton (3 days ago)
What about motherhood rap battle
Ann Võ (3 days ago)
A Lonely Goldfish (3 days ago)
Maleficent snatched my wig and my first born.
hy puthyreachp (3 days ago)
omg theres no censord really!?!
james babb (3 days ago)
Are you lesbain
Felipe Zúñiga (3 days ago)
this is worse than season 8 of game of thrones
A. Latiwala (3 days ago)
Now a new burn for the Khaleesi... She got slayed Jon Snow like her daddy after she lost her head.
Hobo Neanderthalensis (3 days ago)
Yo! Khaleesi spitting fire!!! 🔥
Isaac Neiger (3 days ago)
I instantly recognised Bianca DeGroat from Cyberchase!!! Literally AMAZING! As far as I’m concerned she beat Danyres and Maleficent
Brenda Lara (3 days ago)
I had to sub ... loving it . Both were good but I’m a Khaleesi fan 💪🏼
buxx (3 days ago)
Wouldn't it technically be a Queen Rap Battle? No? Okay.
David Machado (3 days ago)
tão bomm
Lindsay McCarty (3 days ago)
Serena Joy/Hannah McKay!
FalconLord 92 (3 days ago)
Miri won. Btw that's Yvonne Strahovski as Danaerys. She also played Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect.
Rebekah Smith (3 days ago)
I was looking for this comment! I can't believe they got Yvonne!
Brian Baratheon (3 days ago)
"Isn’t it scary when you’re forced into marryin’ , surrounded by hairy men and losin’ your cherry then your baby’s miscarryin’, Bargain Barbie Barbarian, like the last dead Valyrian I will bury house Targaryen" Note to CerseI: *That's how you destroy a Dragon Queen*
Rawan Nazar (3 days ago)
Omg it’s yvonne😍😍😍😍😍
Bernardo Morales (3 days ago)
Jasmine and anna
Izzy Kenpachi (3 days ago)
GAME OF BUTTS 💀💀💀😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tropical Vibes *_* (3 days ago)
Well, all men must die. Bruh. YOUR A MAN.
No one (3 days ago)
"Only thing mad at me is my skills" and "you will scream like the last which i killed" ehm
Ya7ya Muthafer (3 days ago)
Am i the only one who votes for Maleficent?
Ya7ya Muthafer (1 day ago)
#TheMetelhead i feel mate i feel you.
TheMetalhead (1 day ago)
I've been voting for her, since I first saw this video and that was several years ago. After the Bells I vote for her even more.
leila benítez (3 days ago)

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