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The Try Guys Try Therapy

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Text Comments (8873)
MrsMistyEyed (2 days ago)
They should do this again
chicken skink (2 days ago)
I think I related most to Zach which might be because I have also dealt with depression
EmVinci15 (4 days ago)
Eugene has really opened up within the past few years of being on the Try Guys, and you can definitely tell, but I think what will really bring him out is when he finds his person that he’ll love forever and be fun with. And with that only time will tell and until then we have the Eugene we all love now❤️
Shawn Denae` (5 days ago)
LMAOO! "Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC"
Emily A. (5 days ago)
Just so people know who are worried about therapy, it's not typical (from my experiences and understanding) to hug the client. :)
Janet Toh (6 days ago)
Every try guys is unique the way they are...Even without one of them It would feel different and so much more empty so...The moral of the story... hmmm Try guys are awesome...Is that even a moral ? Lol (._.)
KS Broadmen (6 days ago)
Eugene is my Spirit animal.
Jaira Barles (7 days ago)
"so what do u do?" Ned that is so cute wtf
I'm Sorry I Exist (8 days ago)
Category: *Comedy*
Grim Grimes (8 days ago)
Why am I crying
James Luong (9 days ago)
"I don't feel so good"
Hailey Cross (9 days ago)
Therapy is so helpful
K Dragon (10 days ago)
I love Zach 😍
Cecilie Stavensø (10 days ago)
DR. jenn looks like keith
Arya Krishnamoorthy (11 days ago)
Its okay zach we love you! Also same for eugene ned and keith
Emily Moisant (11 days ago)
She’s probably my favorite guest they’ve had
Lilly Kelly (11 days ago)
Zack you are a total sweetheart. You just jumped into that with both feet !! And Eugene did so well too even though he was super uncomfortable 🤗
illuminate3mily (13 days ago)
They all recognized Keith’s insecurity and in their new office makeover the sign says beautiful Keith :’)
iVolumeic xc (13 days ago)
I just like watching this video
Ali Tegantvoort (17 days ago)
Zach is perfect
Cait Rose (18 days ago)
To anyone who feels like they don't have anyone to talk to or they are completely alone in life, even if you only have one concern, I highly suggest that you try therapy for a little while.
ItzKat (20 days ago)
Jessica Randolph (21 days ago)
Awwww Zach!!❤ And yes Eugene, I want a hug too
Elite weeb Meme (21 days ago)
I only know who Keith is and I gave them nicknames
Quacky Duckling (22 days ago)
I relate to Zach because I think it's partly due to the fact that we are both smaller than most and people label us as the cuties and don't take us seriously <3 I think they should do more of these videos
Benjamin Slowinski (22 days ago)
Watch their body language you can see how vulnerable they all feel. When you cover your private parts like they do or cross your arms over your stomach, its like you're trying to protect your vital parts. Watch the video with that in mind
burned potatoe 1923 (25 days ago)
*Keith being the center of attention is everything* 👏😔👏
One Dollar Bleach (25 days ago)
Eugene is me.....
Brianna Linton (26 days ago)
MrNobody (26 days ago)
This is honestly sad
MrNobody (26 days ago)
I need therapy
Lisa - Marie Tipping (27 days ago)
7:27 me
Pete Stathopoulos (27 days ago)
when Eugene was talking you can tell Zach was pissed. All other people in the room were looking at him interested and concerned, but Zach was looking at the floor pissed
A D A (26 days ago)
why tho
Annika Bolding (28 days ago)
I resonate with eugene. I was forced into therapy. Not the way it's done. It's just more traumatic
Ajna Dempsey (28 days ago)
pavi shankar (28 days ago)
did yall notice that was not working it was 10:30 all along
Heather Oldfield (1 month ago)
The way Eugene hold his arms up when he gets hugged... I have not related to a person as much as I have to Eugene 😭😂🖤
Panda_Sumino (1 month ago)
Eugene needs to work on his interraction skills with other people... but overall everyone did great on showing their feelings! :)
its_kay xox (1 month ago)
Wow I relate to Zach way to much
Riley Ravenclaw (1 month ago)
My parents got divorced about a year ago and now we are moving to a new house. I somehow find comfort in this video. Thank you for that.
Brianna Ndemeye (1 month ago)
Ned: we're thinking about having a baby. Me:just what a couple years, buddy.
b o b o (1 month ago)
LJ Annoyance (1 month ago)
Omg Keith doesn't know how Therapy works, has he been that pure and happy his whole life??? WTF CAN I LIKE HAVE THAT TOO? IM TIRED OF BEING SAD AND BOTTLING THINGS UP MAH DUDE.
Inês Eusébio (1 month ago)
I'm Eugene
Hugo Sävström (1 month ago)
I relate a lot to Zach in the way he seems very aware and open about his feelings. Shutting things in (running from things) is never a good option.
Hugo Sävström (1 month ago)
This very commercial shrink just says obvious things. I'd never pay for this
Tio Playz (1 month ago)
Eugene walked into that hug he was not forced we all know it he loves them >w<)I relate to Eugene 60 percent and Zach 40 percent XD.
jd diaz (1 month ago)
I love this video theripy is good for the soul
C-kat (1 month ago)
Wow... see these guys now... this therapy is just...wow
Jon Won (1 month ago)
I wanna go to therapy but I'm also afraid. Like, I feel like I can handle /me/ quite well by now. Buy when I go to therapy it night bring up a lot of unpleasant things. And I don't know if I'll be able to handle myself once I can't pretend to not know about that stuff anymore
Cacti (1 month ago)
Lol my principal's name is Ms. Chaing
Delaney Bartels (1 month ago)
Um why am I crying?!?! This isn't okay.
sad sack (1 month ago)
idk how they didnt cry because i am
Hazlin Emira (1 month ago)
eugene just displayed what a majority of asians feel
Mike Soo (1 month ago)
I like this. Simply, I like it when people open up.
Bombi Ninini (1 month ago)
I don't think keith is conceited, i think he's just being funny
esme (1 month ago)
eugene: we sleep together zach: *laughs, smiles a little, looks over at him* keith: not the cool kind zach: *smile gets a little less convincing*
Fandom Edits (1 month ago)
I wanna give zach a hugggg
bitspot (1 month ago)
Im very much like eugene i do things on my own and noone can help me. But hearing zachs side made me feel bad
Austin Amante (1 month ago)
BuzzFeed YouTube has really fallen off since the Try Guys Era
Megan Bacon (1 month ago)
Marutikya (1 month ago)
Natalia Alfonso (1 month ago)
I just think Keith is very pragmatic and rational. He knows his worth. Eugene is a mega perfectionist great at everything, Ned is super competetocoe and ambitious and always trying to win and Zach is hilarious and smart, but Keith really kinda IS the glue, and the most entertaining. They’re all great on their own and amazing together, but I really would only ever watch Eugene or Keith do things on their own.
Yesi V (1 month ago)
I have a crush on Eugene 😍
EnSolAyYay (1 month ago)
i am actually eugene in my friend group but if i actaully inherited all of my scorpio traits
Justice Westlake (1 month ago)
Anyone else feel creepy watching someone else's therapy session?
Sasha Laventure (1 month ago)
I relate to Keith 55% and Ned 15% and eungne 20% and Zach 20%
Jenna Marie (1 month ago)
This is weird but I think the therapist is the girl version of Keith, they are twins...... Conspiracy theory???
Natalija J (1 month ago)
3 minutes in and I'm already tearing up
N. J. Saroff (1 month ago)
Zach's reaction is so relatable
A Adams (1 month ago)
Kieth IS the most conceited. Eugene is just covering up his insecurities.
Gabriel Anderson (1 month ago)
Eugene is too over worked, too touch and needs to understand how he's actually cared about.
Cute_Potato_1992 ARMY (1 month ago)
Same Zack same
blue princess (1 month ago)
I'm crying are u too
XYZ LUCINA (1 month ago)
I think off the try guys feel protective of Zach. I think they all know that Keith is actually deeply insecure of vunerable and just wants everyone to be happy all the time, and I think that's why he is everybodies favorite. I think Ned has a hard time being close to Eugene because they are both so Alpha, but that any overture from Eugene means the world to him. I think Eugene deeply appreciates his friends, but is afraid to show it and become dependent of their affection, or vulnerable. But they truly trust each other, since going into business with your friends is very high stakes.
Teacher with dumbbells (1 month ago)
I love those guys so much xD
cbfsdjfjb (1 month ago)
“I....i....feel something and I don’t know what it is” me everyday of my life
Maddie M (1 month ago)
Was a little disappointed in Eugene at the beginning of the video because the way he basically asked what the point of therapy is was phrased really negatively, and they're usually good at being very open-minded. But, in the end, he /did/ open up, and that was really cool to see
64imma (2 months ago)
So I feel like I can relate to what everyone is talking about, especially with what Zach and Eugene has to say. With Zach, I definitely tend to beat myself up over the mistakes I made, and tend to forget about the good things I've done. With Eugene, he's probably the most relatable. I tend to build up walls and don't open up about how I feel. I often exclude people from stuff I'm working on, and I think it's hurtful to others when I don't open up or include them in things I do. I also don't like physical affection, except from my girlfriend. I'm also very competitive and always work to be the best at what I'm doing. Then I get discouraged when I'm not the best, and kinda like Keith, I feel like there's very few things I'm really great at. Also, kinda like Ned, I feel like I get pulled in a lot of directions and don't always commit to stuff as much as others. I have school, work, family, friends, and my girlfriend and her kids. I often feel like work and school are at odds, and when I commit more yo one, my performance in the other suffers. Since most of my family lives far away, I often don't spend as much time with them as I'd like or what theyd like. My relationship with my girlfriend is relatively new, but sometimes I get caught up with that aspect that I sometimes neglect some other friends. She has kids, and I often worry about being a good role model to them, and trying to spend as much time with them as I can and be a good father figure for them. Unfortunately my time with them is very limited, and I'd love to spend a lot more time with them and raise them with my girlfriend. With our current circumstances it's very difficult for me to do. I feel the same about my girlfriend as Ned does with his wife. I talk about her quite a bit and often get preoccupied with her. In a way, each of the try guys are like a piece of me. Doubting myself, working extra hard at the few things I feel I'm really talented at, and spreading myself a little thin at times with all my various obligations (which I have cut out some things, like jujitsu. I cut that out of my life partially because it felt like another obligation that was making me more thin spread).
Tiger Spots (2 months ago)
Never realised shrinks actually called themselves shrinks
Sun Overhead (2 months ago)
Ya know, I’m a high anxiety, severely depressed person. I’ve been in this type of setting... a lot. And I hate it. I don’t know if it was just my councilor, but all she did was personally attack me. Nothing was said about the other two people, even though they were a large impact on the problem. Especially considering the group they had me in was supposed to make it easier for me to tell the others how what they’re doing was affecting my mental state, yet I never got to say anything to them at all, and they didn’t get to say anything to the therapist unless they were backing her up. And even in the setting of this video, it seemed a little unfair. A lot of the negative focus was put on Eugene and Keith, while supportive focus was put on Zach, and only positive focus was put on Ned. I know that different people need different things, but it seemed just unfair, especially in a group setting. I don’t blame Eugene for not wanting to be there.
Brielle Hammond (2 months ago)
this toched my haert
Lunar_Eclipse Hi (2 months ago)
I wish I could open up to a thearipist but she does thing that block it
Jadeli14 Productions (2 months ago)
Anyone else get emotional and cried a little? I mean come on this was sad Zach's story was really sad, depression is really sad. And I understand Eugene's story, being in a family like that trying to be the best at something and not being put down and not being one of those people to be open and comfterble to talk about his feelings. Keith has always been trying to be the center of attention when it came to preforming because he though he wasn't very good at other things. Ned being pulled in so many directions. Man.
oya oya oya (2 months ago)
they really improved throughout the years and that really makes me emotional
ItzPanny kay (2 months ago)
the women looks like a female version of keith and that is confusing
Master race (2 months ago)
ItzPanny kay I was actually thinking she looks like a Kieth too lmao
La Renia (2 months ago)
I want to give them hugs
-laliloo- (2 months ago)
"i... i... feel. something. i don't know what it is yet, but its something." - eugene
Scaredbyeagle Z (2 months ago)
I am exactly like Eugene. Except not hot and less talented
Victor Insert sad face (2 months ago)
But really the thing about therapy is that what you tell is therapy, stays in therapy.
Victor Insert sad face (2 months ago)
As an introverted person I'd prefer group therapy. Individual therapy just makes me anxious
Rouge 4444 (2 months ago)
Keith has probably the best emotional intelligence of the group which is probably why he’s such a great guy.
Phoenix 122 (2 months ago)
Wait, Eugene can hug a girl stranger but not his male best friends? Did something happen??
Ben Anasarias (2 months ago)
I need them to do a follow up with Dr Jenn, just to see how they've done ever since.
ArtsyPants (2 months ago)
I relate to Eugene.
Robyn Dyson (2 months ago)
Ned: "Me and my wife are thinking of having a babbbbbyyyy" Me: Nothing makes me happier knowing Wes is now a real baby and not just a dream. We love you Ned and Ariel and Wes Xx
Autumn Almonte (2 months ago)
I think this episode looking at it now shows more why they transitioned on their own
Jxxx (2 months ago)
I'd go to therapy but mom says that im completely fine and aint crazy. Okay, so let me pretend my anxiety and manic depression isnt here.
Danielle Dragos (2 months ago)
I relate to Eugene so much on so many levels...
William Ellis (2 months ago)
I've never really been a fan of therapy. I always thought it is just a way for people to complain about life, and not really do anything about it, but after watching this, my thought process has kind of flipped. Therapy isn't just for complaining. It's to have someone listen to your thoughts and your feelings, and a reason to talk about them. Also, I totally relate to Eugene. Like, all the way.

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