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VLOG 13 | Packing Shop Orders, Mini Art Supply Haul & Painting

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10% Off: https://www.squarespace.com/sarafaber Welcome back to another studio vlog! In this video I take you with me once again on an average work day: packing orders, painting for inktober, painting for the Patreon goodie bag and a little art supply haul. ☺️ 🌟PATREON🌟 For even more behind the scenes, sketches, art/drawing tutorials, blog posts and weekly newsletters, support my work on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/sarafaber COME FIND ME HERE: SHOP: https://www.sara-faber.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sarafaber_/ Tools I used to film and edit: Camera: Canon G7X Mark II Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X Music by epidemicsound.com Thank you so much to Squarespace for supporting my channel by sponsoring this video! Thank you for watching! 🌟 Love, Sara
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sha fira (5 hours ago)
I think its a great vlog, i love it. I am always play your video when iam studying, its very relaxing. Stay healty Sara :) 💚 (*sorry for my terrible english :")
antonith Telesforo (3 days ago)
Hi! Sara! i admire youuuu!. Your vids are not boring. I think you just have to look on the camera when you are talking because, It will make your viewers feel like you were really talking to them. Please make more videos about your life as an artist!! 💕
Beyond The Space (3 days ago)
i really like watching your vlogs
noemie Fumex (13 days ago)
Francine Rachelle (14 days ago)
Just discovered you and I love your videos! So inspirational and real. 🙂
Aleynass MSP (18 days ago)
What is the App name??? Please tell me???
Cynthia Patterson (19 days ago)
Thank you for posting (sharing) with us all... you are inspiring... I want to be like you when I grow up...(although I’m sure I’m at least twice your age)... LOL... be blessed.
Killakuma (22 days ago)
Greyshell Bent (23 days ago)
LOVE LOVE these types of Vlogs 💕💕💕 Thank you Sara 💖
Extremely Sofi (23 days ago)
you are so talented and I really want ur art style, ur vids are so calming
Eva and Mom Variety (24 days ago)
Nice vlog Sara ^o^ Love your channel.
Zeinab Abbani (24 days ago)
wooow the song ♡♡
Miras Videoer (24 days ago)
What happend to ur shop?!
Desiree (25 days ago)
Your video's are so relaxing and lovely to watch/listen to.
Funky GeeGees (25 days ago)
Love your channel!
IzzyArts (26 days ago)
Watching you pack orders is actually interesting and I would love to become a freelance illustrator myself, so these videos really help! I just wish u did an actual tutorial on how you draw on procreate in different layers and stuff. Love ur videos so much! ❤️
Disha Gujadur (26 days ago)
Congratulations <3
Ali Love (27 days ago)
Its not a new video but I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS Im sure Coopers excited to have a baby brother! Im excited as well he is going to be absolutely adorable!
Ali Love (27 days ago)
You and Dom are going to be absolutely amazing parents!
Martha Solorio (27 days ago)
I love your vlogs! It is just such a natural flow of the day and it’s relaxing 😌 I love them 😊
Love your vlogs u so cool... 🌸 And you a Sagittarius ♐
theamymartini (28 days ago)
Hi Sara!! I am completely addicted to your Studio Vlogs. You are so amazing, talented, bubbly and calm. Thank you for sharing your days. I have two question and I am sorry to ask, but I'm very curious. Do you and hubby live in the studio? ALSO what is your sister's Esty shop? Love you loads, thank you for always making my day better.
Fitri Malindra (28 days ago)
I love your video 😘 so inspiring 😊😉
elbib908 (29 days ago)
Definitely not boring. 😊
ahri (29 days ago)
I watch your videos simply because it’s “boring.” Day to day stuff is what I like to have playing in the background when I sit down for journaling/planning. :) Too many vlogs have shaky video and too much talking in my opinion.
Karen Escrich (29 days ago)
where did you order your pins? I was thinking about to some with some of my drawings too but i dont know how or where ._.
OMG CARTOONS (29 days ago)
I need more videos pls. LA vlog plsss
good day. Please tell me about the experience of using the ipad. Which screen size is better than 10.5 or 12.9?)))
Sabina Fenn (26 days ago)
Алексей Гонтарь 12.9 is much better for drawing :) the bigger the better!
Florian Grätz (1 month ago)
720p really?
LeaLaBums (1 month ago)
Hallo Sara, kannst du bitte ein Tutorial hier auf YouTube machen zu Pro Create für Anfänger? An einem Beispiel, wie eine Person zeichnen, diese kolorieren, den Hintergrund farbig machen, mit Layers arbeiten.☺️💕 MeinEnglisch ist leider nicht so gut, deshalb frage ich mich: malst du Aquarell oä auf Papier nur zum Spaß oder scannst du das ein und arbeitest damit weiter auf dem Tablet? 😊
Cutie Sketch (1 month ago)
No your vlogs are not borinh at all!! I love the music and the calm vibes, i love watching your videos while i draw!! Plus, i want to be an illustrator like you and have a store, so it's very helpful to see how you started amd how you keep running your bussines!💓 lots of love from Greece🇬🇷💕
Diana Rozevskis (1 month ago)
Hi Sara, I've just had a look at Squarespace and there are so many templates! Which one did you choose? I love the look of your website.
Ashley Myers (1 month ago)
Your vlogs calm me and my anxiety, i appreciate them so much
My Sketch Hub (1 month ago)
Your vlogs are so relaxing.
Sarah Doan (1 month ago)
Do not worry about people saying your video was boring. You don't do click bait and clearly label your videos. It is their own fault for watching and not leaving. Do your thing and keep it up!
شادن فهد (1 month ago)
room tour rooom tour roooommmm tour pleeeeeeeeez
U r beautiful
victoria c (1 month ago)
Nueva suscriptora💃
Angela Kalokairinou (1 month ago)
I love your videos Sara!😊😊😊
Lauren Bartoli (1 month ago)
I really like your studio vlogs, I don't find them boring one bit. My goal is to be an illustrator like you so slow days like this would be a dream. I also really like that orange sweater on you. I agree, I think warmer tones really suit you and your style. xx
Azz. Naira Putri (1 month ago)
Well i think your videos is calming and relaxing. I just love it!
Kelly Hollen (1 month ago)
Your videos are so relaxing. I love watching them and love seeing how you pack your orders! 💕
Massiel Aguilar (1 month ago)
I love your packaging process 🧡 it’s calm 🧡
Neverstopbeingweird (1 month ago)
Yeah I love the packing orders thingy, it's indeed really soothing haha. Seeing you paint (digitally or analogue) has the same feeling hihi. Keep it going!
Ronel Solleza (1 month ago)
whats the title of the song please answer
Julia Chapman (1 month ago)
Hi Sara - Love you're work and vlogs! Do you mind sharing what pen you used for the Pumpkin? X
Kathryn Therrissh (1 month ago)
I really love watching your studio vlogs and the process of how you run your shop! Like, from printing the goods to packing them - it's not boring at all! 🌸 I hope you're having a good day!!
Salvaje ilustrada (1 month ago)
Love your videos! They are not boring, your daily routine is perfect if you want to be an illustrator 😉
Sara Silva (1 month ago)
Waaait hold on...Don't listen to them haters. I love videos like these, they are so motivating and encouraging. Especially for those that have work to do, or some that wish to start their own stores online. Keep doing what you love and you will attract the right audience! I love your videos and your sweet personality, and I can't wait for more to come 😍💖
Sara Silva (1 month ago)
Waaait hold on...Don't listen to them haters. I love videos like these, they are so motivating and encouraging. Especially for those that have work to do, or some that wish to start their own stores online. Keep doing what you love and you will attract the right audience! I love your videos and your sweet personality, and I can't wait for more to come 😍💖
Molly Engström (1 month ago)
Hi! Just wanted to say that I love how your digital art is so similar to your traditional art and how you clearly can see that it is the same artist even though you use different mediums💖 Also do you have any updates on which brushes you use in procreate?(especially for coloring) Keep up the good work!
Rianne Ten Hove (1 month ago)
I love to watch you packing your orders! Your vlogs aren't boring i really like them! I like it that you just take us with you in your life as an illustrator, I really love to see how that is!💗
Om yn (1 month ago)
I like watching the vlogs, I don't think its boring at all. I loved your little pumpkin :)
Gummuservi Capri (1 month ago)
your videos are not boring.. i enjoy watching it and wish to have my own studio too someday.. and you're so pretty by the way
Tania (1 month ago)
Gah - how could someone say it’s boring…don’t listen to them, I love your vids! I’m an animation/illustrator and I work to a playlist of videos like yours all day long and I love them all…they keep me company when I’m working from my home studio all alone! Don’t stop xo
eduarda liz (1 month ago)
i'm brazilian and i like soo much of your videos! Somethings I don't understand because I'm not fluent, but a day I will be! I love your draws (and your voice haha) <3
Sneha Agnes (1 month ago)
Hey I found your channel last week & all your vlogs are so sweet & heartwarming! ♥ You know, like you I'm very shy & I also wanna become an illustrator so you gave me inspiration ✨😊
Thalia Shay (1 month ago)
Love your videos, always so calm and peaceful, they make me feel so relaxing.
Bree Black (1 month ago)
Your videos are NOT boring, don't listen to the negative, please - there are a ton of us who really adore you and your work - keep your chin up <3
Sarah Comeau (1 month ago)
I love your videos so much! They are so calming and full of good vibes! 😍✨
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Sarah Comeau yay thank you! 😍
Cynthia Soza (1 month ago)
Love it ♥️😍♥️
Daniel SD61 (1 month ago)
Absolutely love your vlogs!!! And that adorable pumpkin painting!!!
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Daniel SD61 I am so happy you liked it! 😍
LifesBrightRide (1 month ago)
I love and enjoy all your vlogs, i rnjoy the packing parts, i always think its cool to see how people pack. if its in every vlog forever i am perfectly happy with that! Heh
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
LifesBrightRide Aw you are so sweet! Thank you! 😍
Kata Kerekes (1 month ago)
(paused the video to say no, it's not boring:)) have a nice evening!
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Kata Kerekes haha you are the best! ✨😍
Manal altalhi (1 month ago)
Your vlogs are so calming and inspiring ✨♥️ and not boring at all ! Good luck 🌟
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Manal altalhi Thaaaaank you!! 😍
Julia Torricella (1 month ago)
I love it when you pack your orders! It's very relaxing and calming. Keep being you because you are awesome :) thank you so much for making your videos I love watching them so much :))))))
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Julia Torricella you are so so sweet! Thanks for your sweet words!
Melissa Mendoza (1 month ago)
Your vlogs are not boring at all. I think everyone has there own perception, but I find your vlogs very lovely and calming. I'ts a nice break from the hectic pace of life.
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Melissa Mendoza that’s so sweet! Thank you so much Melissa!
Abby Baker (1 month ago)
Do a studio tour!!❤️
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Abby Baker I did a mini studio tour in one of my vlogs already ☺️
strawberryjam (1 month ago)
As someone who wants to become a full time freelance illustrator as well, your content is amazing and super interesting! Keep one keeping on 💜
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
strawberryjam Yay that’s what I was hoping for! Thank you so much!
putri ardiyati (1 month ago)
Her video is very relaxing to watch
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
putri ardiyati Thank you😍
Tenne Sal (1 month ago)
Your vlogs are amazing ❤️ I binge watched all of them
Tenne Sal (1 month ago)
Sara Faber 😱❤️ much love!! Also have you seen the new iPad Pro? I’ve been wanting an iPad Pro for so long I’ll have to save up to try and get the new one.
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Tenne Sal OMG you are so sweet! 😭😍
Skye Chrystal (1 month ago)
You're wonderful and these vlogs are always interesting and real. You should be proud and not let someone who could easily "change the channel" affect all the goodness you put out into the world. Kepp doing what you are doing! And thank you for all the inspiration. Big love Sara <3
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Skye Chrystal That’s such a sweet comment and means so much to me! Thank you! ☺️
Cosmic (1 month ago)
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Cosmic haha your comment made me laugh! Thank you so much!
Annie Petersson (1 month ago)
Liebe Sara! Deine Vlogs sind ÜBERHAUPT NICHT langweilig! Im Gegenteil - ich bin selbst selbst Illustratorin aber noch im Studium und mein Illustrations-Stil ist ganz anders als deiner und trotzdem schaue ich deine Vlogs super gerne, einfach weil du deinen Alltag super authentisch zeigst und so sympathisch bist! Und, anderes Thema.. weißt du das Amazon ein richtig schreckliches Unternehmen ist das seine Mitarbeiter ausbeutet etc... Wollte ich nur sagen.. Herzliche Grüße!!!! Lisa
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Annie Petersson Vieeeelen lieben Dank! Das freut mich sehr 💛 Und wegen Amazon: darüber lese ich mir mal was durch 🤔
UGLY FLEUR (1 month ago)
No your videos are not boring! I love seeing the packaging part is is relaxing and also helpful for a new shop owner (:
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
UGLY FLEUR that’s so awesome, thank you so so much for your comment!
Angel Pak (1 month ago)
Ur videos make my day
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Angel Pak 😍
Inga Lien (1 month ago)
A simple, sometimes boring freelance artist life is the dream! Deine Studio Vlogs sind super! Ich suche auch immer nach realistischen "artist vlogs" <3 <3 <3
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Inga Lien Das freut mich so sehr! Ich finde realistische vlogs auch persönlich viel interessanter! Danke für deine lieben Worte 💛
Marie Dms (1 month ago)
Hi Sara! actually your vlogs aren't boring at all, there are juste calm vlogs ! And it's what i love about them, it's just real and cool. so keep doing that ;) i can't wait to see your color palets and your website ;)
Marie Dms (1 month ago)
+Sara Faber you are ;)
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Marie Dms you are so sweet! Thank you so much! 😍
Pirvina Santhira (1 month ago)
I'm actually watching for the packing part... Find it calming... Love ur vlog... Keep up ur good work n don't bother bout the haters...
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Pirvina Santhira Aw YAY that’s awesome! Thank you so so much!!
Ellis Woolley (1 month ago)
I love your studio vlogs, they always inspire me & make me feel super relaxed & chill 😍 x x
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Ellis Woolley Aww that’s so sweet - thank you! 😍
Your studio vlogs are NOT boring. And I love to see you packing orders.
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Arwen Aurora Johanne Fagerlind 😍😍😍
Darlene (1 month ago)
I love watching you pack the orders because you do this with so much passion and they always look so nice 😍✨
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Darlene Thank you so much! 😍
Julia Lala (1 month ago)
I love your vlog! It’s not boring at all, it’s natural and real that what I like about you. Maybe you can share some of your rebranding process with us or how you change your website? 🍁🍄💪🏼
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Julia Lala Thank you so so much! 💛 I didn’t have a plan with my rebranding to be honest, I just sat down one night and changed the whole website until it was more „me“ 😅 And now I stick with that theme in my work and with my colors 💛
Mandy Crossbow (1 month ago)
tatsächlich ist das meistens mein lieblingspart wenn du Bestellungen verpackst :D freue mich immer über deine vlogs.
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Mandy Crossbow haha das ist super! Vielen lieben Dank! 😍
Hazel Guevara (1 month ago)
YOUR VIDEO IS NOT BORING! ❤️ It’s so comforting I mainly watch it to help with my anxiety. My favorite parts of your vlogs is Cooper and your packaging videos. Continue what you are doing. You are doing great! 💕
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Hazel Guevara aw that’s so sweet! Thank you so so much, I am so happy my videos help you in a way. Thank you! 💛💫
Jesslyn Jovita (1 month ago)
Yey another studio vlog!! Been waiting for this
studywith ambar (1 month ago)
Who said your vlogs are boring??...For me it's so interesting , calm n beautiful n I always look for Ur new uploads.n when it's not there I think oh y Sara hasn't uploaded any , I m missing 😉.... So keep making n be You!! Love ya😘
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
studywith ambar haha that’s so sweet - thank you! 😍
Teresa George (1 month ago)
Totally not boring, love seeing the behind the scenes!
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Teresa George Yay that’s good - thank you so much!
Ally Ribeiro (1 month ago)
Girl, it's so nice to watch you packing orders! Never mind the bollocks, keep doing what you do! ;) By the way, just wanted to let you know that your videos and shop are one of my biggest inspirations for my upcoming illustration shop, so thank you so much! Lots of love from Brazil! <3
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Ally Ribeiro omg that’s means so much to me! Thanks for your lovely comment! 😍
Ginny Talbot (1 month ago)
I love your vlogs they are so calming. I always get my pencils and my journal out you inspire creativity 🌷
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Ginny Talbot wow that’s so cool! Thank you! 😍💛
Kahlil Alcala (1 month ago)
Love your vlogs but I do have a little observation, your music only clips seems to be louder compared to your talking clips so I tend to change my volume pretty often. Nonetheless your content is lovely and would love to see more!
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Kahlil Alcala Thank you so much for letting me know! Yes I am struggling with loudness while editing very often 😅 I hope to improve with it ☺️
Kahlil Alcala (1 month ago)
I love seeing the process behind your online shop! It inspires me to have my own shop in the near future <3
Allyson Skye (1 month ago)
I don’t mind how many times you show us that you’re packing orders. Something about your videos and watching your workflow is immensely inspiring and therapeutic! Please don’t stop. Unless you want to, lol. But I’m just here to say it’s not boring ♥️
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Allyson Skye I am so happy you like watching that part - thank you so much for your lovely comment! 😍
graCe (1 month ago)
ACK!! THIS SONG IS SO GOOD!! Oh! Also keep up the good work! I really enjoy seeing your artwork and your cute doggo!!
graCe (1 month ago)
+Sara Faber No problem! I'm new to your channel, but i am still glad to support you! Keep up the good work! 。^‿^。
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Grace Hoang hehe thank you!!
ooXChrissieXoo (1 month ago)
well I always enjoy watching you packing stuffs. NOT in the creepy way LOL but I'm usually just enjoying the bgm, appreciating how clean and minimal your place look, Cooper walking around, then get back to my drawing. It is so calming for some reason and that's what I love the most about your video.
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
ooXChrissieXoo Wow thank you so much! This means a lot!
Bernadia Maharani (1 month ago)
Honestly i really fall in love with your 'packing orders' scene. Keep going Sara! lots of love from Indonesia <3
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Bernadia Maharani ahh thank you!! 😍
boring? whatttt???? your videos brings me calm! i love them! :D
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
milenalfricci vlogs da milena hehe awww thank you ❤️
하루haru (1 month ago)
tbh i always wait part of how you packing your orders 😁 its relaxing and not boring at all, keep making more studio vlog with packing part Sara lol 💜
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
하루haru I will! Hehe thank you so much!
Thea Jhan (1 month ago)
I love your vlog as always 😍
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Thea Jhan 😍😍😍
Lillian Namie Teruya (1 month ago)
And thank u soooo much for being truly and that wonderful person that you are!! I really love your drawings and you are a big inspiration in everything that I draw!!!😊💕🌿🌼
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Lillian Namie Teruya awww 😭 Thank you so much! 😍
Xme2126 (1 month ago)
I’m not sure if this would be helpful but i have a few filming ideas for you. 1. How i organise all my shop and patreon items. 2. How i pack your orders and supplies that i use. 3. How i illustrate on procreate
Sara Faber (1 month ago)
Xme2126 Great suggestions - thank you so much! 😍 I will think about it ☺️

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