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Fear Pong Blind Date (Jamie vs. Rachel) | Fear Pong | Cut

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Text Comments (2378)
Nate Springer (10 hours ago)
Rachel, I hate to be like this but, you're one of those girls you need to fix your expectations! It's not reasonable
Lisa Wakelkamp (19 hours ago)
Please bring him back! He's so amazing but she just wasn't as into it as he was
TheWoxowable (20 hours ago)
Brianna Nelson (1 day ago)
Lol her queefs sound nice...not mine tho😂😂😂
Murderedout3.7 (1 day ago)
She’s cute, but her personality is ugly
Iris Fong (1 day ago)
she looks kinda like miley cyrus
thereal lani (1 day ago)
I like how Jamie was like will you go out with me and he Rachel like ignored it
hipnhappenin (1 day ago)
She actually has a pretty good body. The jeans weren’t helping her.
hipnhappenin (1 day ago)
Is queefing really an embarrassment? It’s just air coming out that was pushed in...? It’s not like a fart.
JJAINBOS ONCE (2 days ago)
More Jamie please. Less rude b*tch
Alina Cai (3 days ago)
They are kinda like sisters.
Sulaiman Ibr (3 days ago)
This channel become more werid every day
farhan najme (3 days ago)
Is it just me that she sounds and acted like Laura Marano in The Perfect date
J B (3 days ago)
Like for Rachel's Vavina
Ricardo Santos (3 days ago)
You guys have to bring him back, for our joy, and his 2nd chance to find someone nice to be in a relationship :)
jambii (4 days ago)
the pain in his eyes
Pumi Rows (4 days ago)
He reminds me of the guy I'm seeing who doesn't want to date me😅. My life🤣🤣🤣
ZombieQueen234 (5 days ago)
I think she spelled it Vajina. Like she actually thought it was spelled with a j and not a g.
Christa Felix (5 days ago)
You can tell after he "bathed" her she was so annoyed.... It irked me.. she was not into him at all... It was so awkward to watch she was not into him because he is too young
Rozlin Miyashiro (5 days ago)
Yo guys, this is the start of a great friendship. I can tell.
Itzz SMILEY Ök (5 days ago)
Bring him Back
Jenna Effe (5 days ago)
Il est tellement tellement kawai ^^ if he comes to South France once and is looking to improve his French Kisses with an "autochthone" I'm in ^^ xD
alma wellingston (5 days ago)
One of my best friends name is Rachel and she is almost the exact opposite of this girl.
Kailee Gilbride (5 days ago)
She called him bitch like he was one of her friends. Her faces were so freaking rude. Poor guy. She had ugly underwear, shes stupid and annoyinv. I'm so mad she won. She didn't deserve it.
Zoe Genette (5 days ago)
Bring him back I love him
Zoe Genette (5 days ago)
“I just wanna couple” “You wanna be a couple” Damn you really went for it
Gavin Edwards (6 days ago)
Who decided to invite James Charles ?😂
Bouchouf Omar (6 days ago)
it's sooo fucked up at 5:35
Henry Delgado (6 days ago)
JAJAJA la chica esta gorda....
Ekyam Zeel (7 days ago)
curved lmao
John One (7 days ago)
Tanaya T (8 days ago)
I don’t like her. She’s totally the type of girl who cries about how she can’t find a man, yet only dates “bad boys” who treat her like absolute trash and refuses to date someone nice while simultaneously tries to fix the bad boy. 🙄 Girl he may be the younger one, but it’s you who needs to mature. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬
Iggy (2 days ago)
Amen to that sister !
Marvenson Roc (8 days ago)
0:00 what was she lookin at lol lmao
Diony Villanueva (8 days ago)
You should really put their ig handles 😤
franky (8 days ago)
As soon as he heard he ain't getting a second date, he was well-aware that he was shooting for the $200, lol.
Darkness Silence (8 days ago)
nooo man...you messed this up
Charlotte Neukirchen (8 days ago)
This moment when u are from Germany and u can sing the intro........
Mark Zuño (9 days ago)
Ok, I’m gonna jump on this train until Cut decides to listen. Bring him baaaaack~
PAPI NOEL (9 days ago)
She definitely said no because they cut that clip
TuckTuck (9 days ago)
Would you go out with me? * CUTS*
Alyssa Jones (10 days ago)
I'll date him shoot. She wasn't even nice and he tried to make it fun
Jp Bm (10 days ago)
His mom stole the show!
Shiloh Pan (10 days ago)
Wowwwwww this was terribly uncomfortable.. That physically pained me to watch.
Narsimha Nayak (10 days ago)
at 6:53 , I thought she really queefed man !
Veetrag Kumar (10 days ago)
Bring him back
Juan Ng (10 days ago)
O he is cute
TheFreeGreenChannel (11 days ago)
When you're trying to be nice with a guy you didn't like, but you handle it as well as you do with the correct writing of the word "vagina". It was not pleasant to watch. I think the guy deserves better. :(
Orlando1130 (11 days ago)
What is that girls name ?
Sammi Poo (11 days ago)
He said that's what guys wanna hear 😂😂😂
FlakeyJakey (12 days ago)
She was fairly rude to him. She doesn't seem to be a very acumen person, she was kinda negative in her judgements.
MrDaHawk (12 days ago)
Um.....equals no
malic joseph (12 days ago)
lmao "do you know how to read" lmao
Tom (13 days ago)
Ugly chick lol
kosmonaut5 (13 days ago)
he is CUUUTE <3
k (11 days ago)
we’re off to an awkward start, love that in every cut video 😐
KONG HALVARD (13 days ago)
My dude had a hard time in the shower that afternoon
blake c (13 days ago)
i love how the moms first reaction was to try and fix the issue
Lena S (13 days ago)
Wow.. that’s the difference between German and English people. We would never take off our clothes on camera just for fun like that
NumaNuma Yay (13 days ago)
Alex Roth (14 days ago)
this made me so incredibly uncomfortable
Alex Roth (14 days ago)
she was not into that at ALL
BulletsInTime (14 days ago)
He seemed nice but she was way to stuck up. There was no 2nd date for sure. They didn’t match.
Terri Young (14 days ago)
At the end I thought he unhooked her bra I was like dude...your a god if you did that so perfectly
Kristi Rae (14 days ago)
His mom though 🤣
Helena Rodriguez (14 days ago)
BrownEyeZo3 (14 days ago)
She loves to read books, but spells it VAVINA?
Jake Poop (14 days ago)
She didn’t say yes
Ashlie Camarena (14 days ago)
Em Tea (14 days ago)
they are so cute
Hotdog Mustard (14 days ago)
Woah she's rude. The boy definitely deserves better! BRING HIM BACK!
GreenRC24 (1 day ago)
+Killian That guy deserves better.
Killian (1 day ago)
She’s allowed to not like him like that yknow
dkm dancer (1 day ago)
GreenRC24 (5 days ago)
She was nothing to look at either.
DarkTiger (8 days ago)
LittleTwrtle You’re stupid smh
NinjaCJP51 Smiling (15 days ago)
they both look inbred
Xarin3d (16 days ago)
“Would you go out with me?” Her: “um..” *turns away*
hey handsome (16 days ago)
„Do you read?“ instant sympathie from my side
Alex Irwin (16 days ago)
I don’t think she likes him
kyream sido (17 days ago)
He got hella rejected with that UM
Mel (17 days ago)
she obviously wasn't interested but i got the vibe that they'd be good friends
Sophia Cumbo (17 days ago)
Sleeping Cinderella (17 days ago)
her smile says it all. :D A W K W A R D
Party (17 days ago)
Would you go out with me? *Cuts clip*
That Vegan Hippie (17 days ago)
Oh he is a cutie! Bring him back! He deserves a good girl!
Nevaeh Angel (17 days ago)
damn, he got rejected!!!!!
BananaKing79 (17 days ago)
Hahahah the guy was nice lol :)
Sean Baker (17 days ago)
Did he fuck tho
nemo sputnik (18 days ago)
"Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium. wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum." Just in case anyone wants to sing along from 0:10 - 0:25 <3
S a s s O u t (18 days ago)
reading, huh?
Denk (18 days ago)
She is the worst. Vain, quick to judge, and not very nice.
Alex Pustilnik (18 days ago)
u guys know your thumbnails
Asad Khan (18 days ago)
opening with a racist comment
S S (19 days ago)
"Would you wanna go out with me?" *Scene cut* *Him looking bleak and not talking* Definite rejection. (Props for him being so out there, he is pretty cool)
Hugo Herrström (19 days ago)
Damn, he's honestly lucky that she didn't want to go out with him, she seems like quite the boring and shallow person
Jipley44 (19 days ago)
Thier is no way she finds him attractive
Evie Jo (19 days ago)
Poor guy😂
Finny Gardener (19 days ago)
Okay, everyone’s hating on this girl for not liking this guy, get over It, he’s just not her type. Even if he is cute af
EGd GeM (19 days ago)
5:17 that took a turn lmao
Leonard Winston (19 days ago)
Closed Captioning please
Alex Grinage (19 days ago)
Old School Iron (19 days ago)
Cringe game💯
Elijah Sopko (19 days ago)
homie took several L’s
Missy Murray (19 days ago)
I think she wasn’t interested from the start, he should get a second chance with someone else.
AntiHero R (19 days ago)
she's ugly af tho lol

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